Grandma Erzsi’s Kitchen

1119 Budapest, Pajkos utca 60.
Erzsi Mama konyhája
I love it when the children come down for a visit. I already start to prepare the day before. 
I cut the chickens, collect some vegetables from the garden and start to make the home-made pasta.
My son can definitely eat a lot. He enjoys thick, rich, greasy food. My poor daughter-in-law is always on a diet.

I make a special light lunch for her. My grandson likes only meat.
My granddaughter loves the noodle soup and any kind of desserts.
But only the way that Grandma makes them.
And my daughter’s family hasn’t even come this weekend. As the family is so large and everyone likes something different,
I am sure that You will find your favourite on the menu as well. I will gladly prepare it for You, just as I do for my own children.

Warmly welcome, Grandma Erzsi

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Erzsi Mama konyhája

Az Erzsi Mama konyhája étterem a Buda környékén élők rég ismert, kedvenc vendéglátó helye.


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1119 Budapest, Pajkos utca 60.